Testimonials – 2013

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January, 2013 –  “The very competent patient-care makes the treatment process easy on the patient.” Dr. Audrey Thomas, Kingston


January, 2013 – “I am more than impressed with the service and environment.  The customer service is excellent, Jackie is great!  Dr. Nallapati comes highly recommended and I am living testimony to that fact.  I would recommend any and everybody to do business here.  Overly satisfied customer.” Keisha Hibbert, Kingston


January, 2013“The procedure was explained in detail.  The staff was generally caring and thoughtful to my comfort and satisfaction, above that which you really expected.” Dr. George Leveridge, Kingston


January, 2013“If one can ever use the word pleasure in having dental work done, this is the place I would use it.” Thore Dahl, Kingston


January, 2013“Not even in Canada was the experience this good.  From the décor through to the treatment was first class. Douglas Dyer, Kingston


January, 2013“When my dentist referred me for RCT, I got very nervous. But my experience at Dr. Nallapati’s office was wonderful. The ambience is very elegant… it feels like a 5 star spa with a beautiful view of the Blue Mountains all around. Dr. Nallapati, Jackie and the assistants are highly professional with a very caring and personal touch. The procedure was well explained by doctor and it was almost pain free. The caring call from Jackie the next morning was a pleasant surprise. When I was coming out of the office after the procedure, I felt very happy that I had been in the best hands and I have had the top class treatment. This is THE place for RCT ….expertise, class and caring all the way…at every step. Many, many thanks to each and every one at the office.” Amrutha Reddy, Sav-La-Mar


February, 2013 – “I am very satisfied with the professionalism shown by all members of staff.  The office is well laid out and very impressive.” Gordon Chuck, Kingston


February, 2013 – “It was a great service by an excellent team in comfortable aesthetically appealing setting.” Dr. Peter Scarlett, St. Ann


February, 2013 – “The man is a PRO.  Thank you.” Robert Barnes, Kingston


March, 2013 – “I was extremely satisfied with the whole service.  Quite impressed with the use of ICT, as I was able to register and communicate online.  I’m looking forward to your post treatment care.” Hillary Williams, Kingston


March, 2013 – “I was impressed by the follow up calls (by Jackie) I received and the understanding extended to reschedule me when I faced some difficulties in meeting my recent appointments, including the death of my mother.  I will recommend you without reservations.” Shirley Haye, St. Andrew


March, 2013 – “Courteous, good customer service and professionalism…..please don’t change.  Please keep up the good work.  I would recommend your facility.” Deon Gurrell, Kingston


March, 2013I researched the facility prior to deciding to utilize the service.  It was refreshing to arrive on time and be attended to on time very professional and customer centric operation.  To see service excellence at work in the industry warms my heart.  This visit exceeded by expectations.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Nallapati and the Caribbean Institute of Endodontics Ltd.” Shawnette Gayle, St. Andrew


April, 2013 – “Dr. Nallapati’s care and professionalism etc. far exceeded my expectations.  I was very impressed with his knowledge; expertise and general patient care.  It has brought me to a new level, in terms of my perception of the dental profession.  I am not fearful when I sit in his dental chair as I expect and do get the best treatment.  I just love the follow-up calls to check on patient’s progress.  The office environment is super…..very clean, comfortable, first world and inviting.” Velma Parchment, Kingston


May, 2013 – “The ambiance was clean and comfortable.   I was totally impressed with the very friendly staff.  My doctor exudes confidence that made me very comfortable.” Lana Brown, St. Catherine


May, 2013 – “Excellent service and care.  I am extremely scared of dentists, so it was comforting to experience such a seamless procedure.  From the reception to the root canal…….fantastic!” Sonia Dressekie, Kingston


May , 2013 – “I began feeling pain in my jaw about 10 days before the procedure and was seen by a doctor then.  At my 3 weeks for final treatment, I was referred to the Endodontist Dr. Nallapati, he was very professional and understanding and so was his staff.  He prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug for my jawbone.” Sharon Harvey, St. Catherine


May, 2013 – “I was very anxious at first, given my history with doing dental procedures.  However I was truly amazed at the outcome.  I never knew it was really possible that anything would make me actually go pain free.  Seems like a miracle.  I’m truly overly impressed with the overall service here and as I sit in my chair I thought to myself that real customer service do exist in Jamaica.” Marsha McIntyre, Kingston


May, 2013 – “I always enjoy my visit.  The staff is excellent.  Dr. Sashi is more than excellent.  He cares, he explains and he is more than competent.  He allows me always to feel relaxed whenever he is working in my mouth.  He is a wonderful doctor.” Cordell Maxwell, St. Catherine


June, 2013 – “Dr. Nallapati has restored my faith in dentistry and helped me overcome my fear of the dentists.” Tanya Thurlow, Kingston


June, 2013 – “This whole experience has been truly amazing.  Dr. Nallapati is a genius and his staff has been wonderful.  Thank you all.” Greta Gooding, Kingston


June, 2013 – “The experience was better than I expected.  It was the most pleasant and comfortable dental experience I have ever had.  Great job!” Errol Mighty, Kingston


June, 2013 – “They are an extremely professional staff.  Very pleasant atmosphere……..serene, I would say.  I was informed about the procedure both verbally and via brochure and also about the post treatment care.” Sabrina Tenn, Kingston


June, 2013 – “The treatment was less painful and not as invasive as expected.  The doctor was very mindful of my fears and ensured I was aware of the steps being taken to alleviate my fears.” Clair Kennedy, Kingston


July, 2013 – “Doctor and staff are very helpful and competent.  I was so relaxed in the second visit that I slept a few minutes during the treatment.” Egbert Field, Kingston


July, 2013 – “The service is impeccable from walking in the door to walking out.  Calm environment as well; soothing music adds to a calming experience.  Well done!  Thumps up!!” Carla McIntosh Gordon, St. Andrew


July, 2013 – “The customer care was outstanding and the communication of procedures very detailed.” Grace Jackson, Kingston


July, 2013 – “The experience was excellent; very relaxing ambience in the office; very professional staff; very impressed with the technology and the state of the art equipment.  Doctor was gentle and patient.” Maria Martin, Kingston


July, 2013 – “From the initial telephone conversation in making the appointment to the actual visit to the office and the procedure, the service was personal and professional.” Father Donald Chambers, Kingston


July, 2013 – “Your level of expertise has really enhanced my dental practice.  I remember the days when I was encouraging you to come to Kingston and how protective you were of your reputation and the need to maintain your respect.  At the time you were not in favor of working out of anyone’s office.  Well, fast forward a few years and I am delighted to see your growth and success.  There is a certain level of comfort and assurance that I have once my patients are in your capable hands.  I am actually quite proud of you.  You and your wife have settled in nicely.  I am grateful that you both could join me to celebrate this milestone.  Blessings in abundance.” Dr. Heather Lawson-Myers, Kingston


July, 2013 – “My son has had a fear of the dentist for years which was very stressful for me.  After visiting Dr. Nallapati, I was amazed at how my son actually enjoyed his experience so much so that he said he wants to be an endodontist when he grows up! I’m/he is 100% satisfied patient.” Jahmel Walker-Martin, St. Andrew


August, 2013 – “The doctor was very attentive and seemingly patient and thorough in conducting the procedure.  The process of a root canal treatment is quite uncomfortable but this experience is much better than I anticipated.” Simone Doyle, St. Catherine


August, 2013 – “Jackie is excellent from start to finish.  Dr. Nallapati is thorough and took the time to explain as well as to listen.  His assistant Talesha is professional and reassuring.  Thanks team!” Tanya Vassell, St. Ann


August, 2013 – “This exceeded my expectation for a procedure.  I dreaded and delayed for 4 months. It’s excellent customer service in an ultra-modern and clean environment.  I’m happy this service is available in Jamaica.” Desrine Lawson, St. Catherine


August, 2013 – “The professionalism and warmth of the staff is amongst the best ever experienced.  The procedure was explained in detail and the doctor ensured I was comfortable right throughout.” Ricardo Christie, St. James


September, 2013 – Enjoyed the chat with the assistants and the doctor towards the end of my procedure and afterwards.  I appreciated the assistant that helped to make me feel more comfortable about the procedure before we started.  The staff in general was very nice.” Khepera Hatsheptwa, Kingston


September, 2013 – “No one likes going to the Dentist/Endodontist but I must say my experience was pain free and the staff was a pleasure, plus I was always seen on time!” Anne Harris, Kingston


October, 2013 – “The service, although I heard it was “good”, I still had doubts but good doesn’t begin to describe the awesome service.  There was a little discomfort and the staff was exceptionally pleasant along with Dr. Nallapati.  Definitely the best Endodontist ever!!” Kargel Welham, Kingston


October, 2013 – “My root canal treatment was very professional.  I had the sense that the tooth was very well prepared and therefore there should be no further problems with this tooth.  Dr. Nallapati answered all my questions in detail and was very patient.” Annette Lewis, Kingston


October, 2013 – “It has been the first time I felt comfortable in a dentist chair to the point of almost falling asleep.” Pastor Rohan Taylor, Kingston


November, 2013 – “A root canal, once a traumatic experience, is now (almost) a pleasurable one!!” Tracey Long, Kingston


November, 2013 – “I am very pleased with my procedure.  It was painless, the music, which was very soothing, added to the comfort.” Marlene Mayne, Kingston


November, 2013 – “Very comfortable and outstanding office environment; very caring and accommodating staff; very professional service.” Dr. Barbara Grandison, Montego Bay


November, 2013 – “No swelling, no major pain/discomfort after the operation.  It went quite well, better than expected.  I had fatigue only from keeping my mouth open so long.” Dr. Phillip Rose, Kingston


November, 2013 – “It was a lot less uncomfortable than I had expected.  It was a very good treatment and I am a satisfied customer.  Thank you Dr. Nallapati!” Daniel, Kingston


December, 2013 – “It gives a different impression of a ‘visit to the dentist’.  Great Care!” Marissa Longsworth, Kingston


December, 2013 – “Everything was great!  They even adjusted the a/c when I got cold :).”  Annabelle Asher-Solly, Kingston


December, 2013 – “Totally wowed!” Owanita Jarrett, Kingston


December, 2013 – “If you have to get a root canal treatment this is the place to do it!” Robin Lumsden, St. Andrew