Testimonials – 2014

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January, 2014 – “The procedure was not unpleasant at all despite my fears.  This was pleasantly surprising.” Antoinnette Porter-Clarke, Kingston


January, 2014 – “I was very impressed and pleased with the reception and care I received. My procedure was not painful contrary to my expectations. Thanks to Dr. Nallapati and nurse Taleisha, I left with a smile on my face!” Xiomara Craig, Kingston


January, 2014 – “Excellent service and a high level of professionalism displayed throughout the entire visit.” Jacqueline Corrington, Kingston


February, 2014 – “It made a stressful situation much better than I anticipated.  Detailed explanation and scans/xrays, take the mystery out of the procedure.” Joanne Robertson, Montego Bay


February, 2014 – “Over the years I have had numerous procedures done.  However I must admit of all both local and international, I have never had such absolute good care.  It is simply the best I have ever had.  This is where I will definitely come back if needs be.  Thanks a lot!” Kevin Farquharson, St. Ann


February, 2014 – “Excellent customer service, comfortable environment, infinity level of care shown and always on time.” Sydney Clarke, St. Catherine


March, 2014 – “A very friendly and professional staff.  I felt at ease and the doctor was very sensitive to my concerns.  Pain management was excellent!!” Nicole, St. Catherine


March, 2014  – “The process from inception (telephone call in) was very comforting and professional.  Dr. Nallapati is excellent, very personable and very gentle.  An excellent experience!” Caroline Ziadie, Montego Bay


March, 2014 – “I was extremely and pleasantly surprised by both the courtesy of the staff and the lack of any real discomfort.” Pamella, St. Andrew


March, 2014 – “Dr. Nallapati, as I told him, has gifted hands.  He is very delicate, caring and gentle.  The staff is superb.  Keep it up.  Thanks a million!” Audrey Anderson, St. Andrew


March, 2014 – “A very professional service.  I was very nervous on the first visit but surprisingly calm on the second visit.  Overall nothing to fear, the caring doctor and staff along with the background music make this really therapeutic indeed.” Dione Jennings, Kingston


March, 2014 – “Dr. Nallapati was very responsive to my pain concerns prior to the visit for treatment.  This was highly appreciated.  The flexibility and understanding regarding a payment plan was also much appreciated.” Michelle Beckford, Kingston


March, 2014 – “Extremely professional and caring.  Dr. Nallapati and his staff are the best!!!  I will always recommend them to my friends and family.  The office is so attractive and very relaxing.” Maureen Bartley, Kingston


April, 2014 – “The staff is very professional and I think this is the best dentist I have ever been to.” Lawrence Nelson, Kingston


April, 2014 – “Despite the pain at the start, the experience has been very good.  The office is well appointed and the competence and care of the staff made me very comfortable.” Yvonne Clarke, Kingston


April, 2014 – “I was so afraid of the dentist.  Now I must say all fears are gone, only one wish though…..wish Dr. Nallapati was a general dentist, I would be here very often :)”. Linnette England, Portmore, St. Catherine


May, 2014– “My case was a complex one (I knew this before I came here).  I felt as if I had expert care from someone who is clearly an expert in this field.  His chair side manner is excellent.  I appreciated the time he took to explain.” Lynette Joseph-Brown, Kingston


May, 2014 – “Excellent first class treatment that dispelled all dental fears.  Well Done!” Anthony Nelson, Kingston


May, 2014 – “The procedure was definitely not as painful as I thought it would be.  I actually had a nap in the process.  The numbing injection was also mild in comparison to the others I had received at other offices.  The needle was much smaller and I did not even feel the stick at first.” Dr. Lorna Jackson, St. Ann


May, 2014 – “My awesome experience with Dr. Nallapati has completely erased any fears or concerns regarding visits to the dentist.  After my first visit, I actually looked forward to all subsequent visits, assured that I was in extremely capable hands.  I will recommend without reservation to all my friends and colleagues.  Thanks to all the staff who definitely contributed to making my visits comfortable and relaxing………yes relaxing!” Deborah Morgan, Kingston


June, 2014 – “During the days leading up to my appointment, I was strongly considering cancellation as I was terrified of the operation.  However, I braved it and was pleasantly surprised.  No pain, nice atmosphere, excellent service (first class).  Thank you Dr. Nallapati and your team!  You surpassed my expectations and I would certainly recommend you to my friends and family.”  Alice Campbell, Kingston


June, 2014 – “I am very satisfied and impressed with the level of professionalism, skill and technology used.  The entire staff and doctor were excellent.” Francois Lee, Kingston


June, 2014 – “Impressive service, treatment and care.  Especially after seeing 3 specialists in 3 countries across 2 continents.  Kudos!” Jomain McKenzie, Kingston


June, 2014 – “A very good experience, quick and pain free, not uncomfortable at all.  Didn’t expect the root canal treatment to be like that.  Excellent!” Neil Saunders, Kingston


June, 2014 – “Loved how open, welcome and friendly everyone is.  Dr. Nallapati answered all questions in a way that put me at ease.  Best experience I have had at the dentist, which I usually dread!!” Angella Anderson, Montego Bay


July, 2014 – “Thanks for the prompt and very fast service.  Much appreciated!!” Dave Rampersad, Kingston


July, 2014 – “A very beautiful and well-appointed setting.  I was made to feel comfortable by Jackie and Sasha and this was appreciated.” Rose, Kingston


July, 2014 – “The experience was better than I had expected.  My fear was more “painful’ than the procedure.”  Frances Mighty-Hutchinson, St. Catherine


July, 2014 – “I think I might be Dr. Nallapati’s worst patient yet.  But he is very gentle and the procedure went above my expectations.  If I can do it, anyone can.  The service is impeccable.” Phillipa Grant, Kingston


August, 2014 – “It was comforting to be informed every step of the way.  Firstly what was found and what was to be done and how it was to be done, at the outcome.  All very reassuring.  The professional care throughout was outstanding and staff very polite and cheerful.” Anne Iver, Kingston


August, 2014 – “The welcoming and professional atmosphere of your office and staff made the experience that much easier.  The service was excellent.  Keep up the good work!” Paulette Phillips Cox, St. Mary


August, 2014 – “I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of pain throughout the procedure.  The minor pain experienced was far from what I expected.” Nadine Gordon, St. Catherine


August, 2014 – “My experience here was excellent and I will recommend to all my friends and family, this hotel like feeling :-)” Lisa Gordon, Kingston


September, 2014 – “We are lucky to have Dr. Nallapati in Jamaica!” Judy Macmillan, St. Andrew


September, 2014 – “I don’t have the words…….amazing.  I still can’t believe it.  I’m cured of all fear.” Cecelia Levy, St. Andrew


September, 2014 – “Technology at its highest.  Great staff and excellent office.  Super dentist!” Anthony Harris,  Kingston


September, 2014 – “A very relaxing atmosphere with courteous staff.  Dr. Nallapati was the consummate professional…..very humane and kind.” Jean Raynor, Kingston


September, 2014 – “Jackie is the ultimate customer care professional.  It is a pleasure dealing with her.” Marlene Campbell, Kingston


October, 2014 – “For someone that fears the dentist, the staffs made me feel very comfortable and they were very warm.  The Doctor explained to me what was happening to my tooth and sort of put me at ease.” Keisha Williams, Kingston


October, 2014 – “As always, despite the nature of the treatment, it was performed with very minimal discomfort.  Absolutely no pain.” Dr. Michelle Taylor, Kingston


October, 2014 – “This is not what I expected.  Overall the service was excellent and overall I had no discomfort at all.  Staff and doctor were extremely caring about my comfort.” Marlene Sinclair-Grant, Kingston


October, 2014 – “Having done previous root canal treatments with other dentists, this one was by far pain-free and the easiest procedure that I have ever done.” Dr. Paula Gunter, Kingston


October, 2014 – “I am impressed with the technological advancement of this office and during the procedure I felt right at home.”  Pastor Rohan Taylor, Kingston


October, 2014 – “I came here because I knew I would receive the best care possible.  I’m very grateful.  Thank you.”  Dr. Lindsey Chang, Kingston


November, 2014 – “I am so comfortable….. I usually fall asleep.  Doctor and medical staff including receptionist are pleasant, gentle and caring.”  David McRae, Kingston


November, 2014 – “Receptionist and assistant were very pleasant and reassuring.  Doctor was very competent.”  Noel McLennon, Kingston


November, 2014 – “Excellent!  No complaints, too good to be true.” Debbie Ann Kerr-Scott, St. Catherine


November, 2014 – “This procedure was less stressful than an ordinary filling at other dental offices.  Fantastic!”  Philip Azar, St. Andrew


December, 2014 – “My threshold to pain is very low and I was able to relax and have my procedure done in comfort.  I recommend Dr. Nallapati and his team to everyone.”  Coleen Watson, Westmoreland


December, 2014 – “Very professional and customer oriented.” Marjorie Brown, Kingston


December, 2014 – “Wonderful facility and first class professionalism!”  Raymond Mair, St. Andrew


December, 2014 – “I am a very satisfied customer; all my expectations have been exceeded.  Dr. Nallapati and his team are very professional.  The aesthetics of his office is superlative to other dental offices I have been to and should be used as a standard in dental care.  I’m very happy with my choice.”  Nickesha Mullings, Kingston