Testimonials – 2015

January, 2015 – “Very impressed with the scheduling/rescheduling of appointments.” Saied Ibrahim, Kingston


January, 2015 – “Extremely satisfied and impressed by the level and standard of care.  The staff is super friendly and helpful.  Many Thanks.” J Kelly Scott, Kingston


January, 2015 – “The music was soothing. The dental assistants allowed me to stretch after completion of my procedure for a few minutes and this helped to relieve my tense muscles.” Janette Taylor, St. Catherine


January, 2015 – “I really appreciate the customer service.  The staff is extremely courteous and I feel very comfortable and at home.  The level of professionalism is superb.  I feel like I am in the best hands with Dr. Nallapati!”  Grace-Ann Thomas, St. Andrew


February, 2015 I have a prolong problem which I told my dentist in Toronto and my dentist here.  All said they found no problem.  Dr. Nallapati found the problem and is now going to finally treat it appropriately for me.” Annie Lue, Kingston


February, 2015– “Courteous, competent, friendly and professional is how I would best describe the team and the space comfortable!  Jackie is and has always been an outstanding customer service provider with all the answers….. extremely proficient!”  Tanya Vassell, St. Ann


February, 2015 – “I’ve heard many comments about how painful and uncomfortable root canal procedures are.  I must say that my procedure did not entail any of those negatives.  I was pleasantly surprised with the entire experience.”  Colin McGann, St. Andrew


March, 2015 – “You have a beautiful and very comfortable office and great staff who give excellent care and attention.  I am very impressed and satisfied. I must tell you that having lived in Canada as well as the United States for many years; I have never received such excellent service from a doctor’s office before. I am greatly impressed.  Keep up the good work.”  Carol Whyte, Kingston


March, 2015 – “I was totally impressed.  I was in total surprise that I did not feel any pain whatsoever, even when the local anesthesia was given.  This was the first time this has happened; did not know that it was possible.”  Maureen Wilson, Manchester


March, 2015 – “Certainly a place of recommendation; commendable work ethics.  A very good experience.” Dr. Maxim Christmas, Kingston


April, 2015– “I enjoyed the music and the view.  I enjoyed the warm ambience of the office and the friendly and competent staff.  Dr. Sashi was incredibly competent and attentive.”  Barbara Requa, Kingston


April, 2015– “The overall experience for what is normally a traumatic procedure was excellent.  Thank you.”  Crystal Stephenson, Kingston


April, 2015 – “The treatment was much better than expected.  There was literally no pain felt.  This was a much better experience than stories heard from persons who did similar treatments elsewhere.  Very nice office with music and waterfalls.”  James Smith, Kingston


April, 2015 – “Procedure was above my expectations.  At first there was the anxiety of the unexpected but I felt right into my comfort zone when the procedure began.  I felt so comfortable and at ease that I was almost falling asleep.  Great job Doctor and team.” Deonne McLean-Lewis, Kingston


May, 2015 – “Very professional yet friendly.  All questions were answered.  I felt really satisfied and reassured.”  Kemeisha Phang, Spanish Town


May, 2015 – Office setting – excellent/attractive; Staff – courteous and caring; Doctor – pleasant manner, competent, informative.  Overall it is a good experience.  Byron Shirley, St. Andrew


June, 2015 – “It’s an absolute pleasure to be a patient, both in terms of treatment and customer care.  Many thanks!”  Matthew Lyn, Kingston


June, 2015 – “Will come back if needs be.  I’m very comfortable with the doctor.  Excellent job, he knows what he is doing and he is very patient.”  Joeseea Davis-Derril, Kingston


June, 2015 – “I could not be any happier with the treatment.  I would recommend the practice to anyone seeking root canal treatment.  Geoffrey Lankester, Clarendon


June, 2015 – “I have heard so many nightmare stories about RCT that I must admit I was very scared in coming here to do it but Dr. Nallapati……..OMG excellent, very excellent.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!” Debbie Hall, St. Catherine


July, 2015 – “God bless Dr. Nallapati and his staff in their work today and always.”  Mrs. Carolyn Lewis, Kingston


July, 2015 – “Extremely impressed and satisfied with the service received from all aspects.  I’ll be happy to rave about my experience today and recommend you to the world!!” J Jianna Green, St. Ann


July, 2015 – “I am very satisfied with my treatment and I would be recommending my friends.  This was my second visit to the office and treatment/service was excellent.  I hope it’s my last but will definitely be back if another procedure is needed.”  Tracy-Ann Bennett, Kingston


August, 2015 – “Doc and the entire staff were just simply amazing.  I would definitely recommend you all.  The procedure was painless and flawless.”  Alando Terrelonge, Kingston


August, 2015 – “Polite and professional staff.  Perfect ambiance for persons who fear the dentist like me.” J Bridget Fong Yee, Kingston


August, 2015 – “I would highly recommend Dr. Nallapati for any root canal treatment procedures.  It was painless and at no point did I feel uncomfortable.” Karen Anderson, Kingston


August, 2015 – “I felt very welcomed with the clean and pleasant atmosphere of the office.  The staff and nurses were very patient and showed care in the execution of their duties.  Your front office staff Jackie, was very welcoming and has a calming voice that takes away any immediate fear one would have.  Overall experience was very good.”  Elaine Campbell, St. Catherine


September, 2015 – “Very professional care from the point of my appointment to the completion of the procedure.  I’m glad I made the choice to have Dr. Nallapati do the procedure vis-à-vis another specialist to whom I had been originally referred.  Fantastic use of technology and patient involvement.  Exceptional service.  Thanks to everyone who made the process painless.”  Sandra Glasgow, Kingston


September, 2015 – “I entered the office scared to do the procedure.  However, Jackie and the other staff made me feel at home.  The procedure was not painful at all.  I was quite relaxed through it all.” Rowanne Taylor, Kingston


September, 2015 – “The customer service rep, Jackie is very professional and friendly.  The assistants were courteous.  Dr. Nallapati showed care during this process.  The overall staff proved to be exceptional in the delivery of service.  I would definitely recommend to other patients.”  Stacy-Ann Lewis, Kingston


October, 2015 – “I did a similar procedure elsewhere several years ago and the experience here was far better.  Almost pain free and every step of the procedure was thoroughly explained.  Initial problem was highlighted with x-ray and targeted outcome discussed pre-op and demonstrated post-op.”  Dr. Nigel Taylor, Kingston


October, 2015 – “My overall impression is very satisfying.  Courtesy and follow up was really good.  Thank you for the professional work done and the care that you have for your patient.”  Eriste Liyew Kebede, St. Andrew


October, 2015 – “You have established a standard that every other entity should emulate.”  Junior Malcolm, St. Andrew


November, 2015 – “I am very satisfied with the treatment; very professional service given.  I would highly recommend this service.” Dudley Prince, Clarendon


November, 2015 – “Modern; first world; impressed.”  Brian Walks, St. Andrew


November, 2015 – “This has been my very best dental procedure to date!!  Absolutely painless and very minor discomfort and your staff extremely caring, competent and professional.  Dr. Nallapati is a hombre extraordinaire!!  Very satisfied customer!”  Claudia Forbes, St. Catherine


December, 2015 – “The staff members made the atmosphere soothing enough for you to not be nervous.  I’m very satisfied with the service.”  Manley Liu, Kingston


December, 2015 – “Doctor and Medical staff explained the process clearly for the regular person to understand.”  Patreina Messam, St.Thomas


December, 2015 – “Very courteous staff.  Doctor is very professional and knowledgeable.  I was comfortable. Normally I would have had panic issues but I felt okay.”  David Chybar, Westmoreland