Testimonials – 2016

January, 2016  – “My RCT was far less painful than I thought it would have been.  Jackie and the rest of the staff made me feel very comfortable.  Dr. Nallapati’s “bedside” manners were excellent!  He explained everything very well and in great detail, no questions were left unanswered.  Overall it was a great experience.”  Anonymous


January, 2016 – “Thank you all very much for the excellent service I received.  The staff is very courteous and pleasant.  The experience was very good (my first time doing a root canal).  I highly recommend Dr. Nallapati and his willing workers.”  Marva


January, 2016 – “Generally impressed with the skill and dexterity of Dr. Nallapati and pleased with the courtesy of the staff.”  Renee Williams, St. Catherine


January, 2016 – “Looking forward to successful results!  If I am to judge by the overall office courtesy, professionalism and efficiency… I expect to be a happy patient and expect to hold high recommendations for the service, office and staff of Dr. S. Nallapati J.”   Rosette Reece, Portmore


February, 2016 – “High tech; very comfortable surroundings and efficient service.”  Raymond Mair, Kingston


February, 2016 – “First Class treatment in a first class environment.  Wonderful staff, extremely courteous and efficient.  Excellent care from Dr. Nallapati who provides care with extreme accuracy.”  Shelly-Ann McLaggan, Kingston


February, 2016 – “Very professional front office staff.  Dental support was attentive and caring.  I’m happy my dentist referred me.  I’m a super anxious patient and from start to finish I received very gentle care.  Thank you.”  Brigitt HooSang, Kingston


March, 2016 – “The team was awesome; very pleasant and caring.  The environment is soothing and helped to alleviate some of the anxiety I felt coming in to do the procedure.”  Jacqueline Coore-Hall, St. Catherine


March, 2016 – “Amazing!  No pain or discomfort what so ever!” Connie Williams, St. Andrew


March, 2016“The timely professional service and the courtesy shown by your office staff is a treatment in itself.  Keep up the good work.  I might make a few more teeth not in order to visit again.” Raoul Lindo, Spanish Town


April, 2016 – “Pleasantly surprised by the state of care, friendliness of staff and general high level of customer service.  I would recommend your care to other patients.”  Lancelot Leslie, Kingston


April, 2016 – “Dr. Sashi Nallapati is very professional and caring. He is an expert in his profession.”  Maureen Bartley, Kingston


April, 2016 – “Brilliant team!  Always in awe of how professional Dr. Nallapati and his team are.  So lucky to have found a Caribbean endodontist!   Would recommend to everyone.”  Dr.  Lauren Yeung, Kingston


May, 2016 – “You have a great professional team working for you.” Marcia, Kingston


May, 2016 – “I am very impressed with Jackie’s professionalism and pleasant nature.  Judene, you made me feel calm and you were both pleasant and professional.  Dr. Nallapati you’re so awesome. I always feel safe when I visit (and I am always afraid of the dentist).  Your entire operation creates a feel of calm, competency and professionalism.  Keep it up guys.” Pilar Rodriques-Lee, St. Catherine


May, 2016 –  “I am pleasantly surprised and pleased that a visit for a dental procedure could be so pleasant.  The staff, the office and the doctor, amazing!!  I wish all my dental visits were here; as for the office, rather the ambiance, soothing and beautiful…..incomparable.  I had a wonderful experience.”  Stephanie Muir, Kingston


June, 2016 – “No problems whatsoever.  The doctor and all staff were highly competent and very professional.  I experienced little to no pain during treatment and mild pain for a day or two afterwards, which I treated with pain killers.  All in all it was a very pleasant experience.”  Dwhyte Hunter, St. Catherine


June, 2016 – “This office has one of the best customer services Jamaica has ever seen!”  Munair Beckford, St. Ann


June, 2016 – “It was very good.  I would recommend anyone at any time to this place.  I was well pleased every step of the way J  Keep up the good work.  God bless you all.”  Melsada Gaynor, Savanna-La-Mar


July, 2016 – “Everyone did their best to allay my considerable apprehension which turned out to be needless.”  Sandra Minott-Phillips, St. Andrew


July, 2016 – “The staff here is very professional and caring.  Jackie is definitely an asset to this company; very impressed with service.  My fear of being at the dentist is about gone.  Never thought it could be so easy!”  Patsy Carter, St. Ann


July, 2016 – “Amazing staff!  At first I was a bit nervous but everyone made me feel at home.  The anesthesia was literally painless.  I didn’t feel a thing.  I highly recommend.”  Melissa Anderson, Kingston


August, 2016 – “I am always a nervous wreck before any form of medical or dental procedures.  Dr. Nallapati and his entire team from inception to very end made it their duty to alleviate my fears and calm my nerves.  I received excellent care and the entire process was extremely professional!  Thanks Doc and the team!!!”  Raquel Phillpotts, St. Andrew


August, 2016 – “Wonderful customer service and empathy; Dr. Nallapati was (is) also very responsive to any queries or concerns despite his busy schedule.  Jackie was (is) very caring and welcoming/compassionate.”  Melanie Orr, St. Andrew


August, 2016 – “I am totally happy with the service given and results seen.  I would recommend everyone who needs the care of an Endodontist to choose Dr. Nallapati and his team.”  Kadean Campbell, St. Catherine


September, 2016 – “The atmosphere in the waiting room and the treatment room was very calm and relaxing.  I was able to view the procedure at my request and Dr. Nallapati explained quite clearly what he was going to do and why.   I would unreservedly recommend him to do root canal therapy for my family and friends.”  Donna Minott-Kates, St. Andrew


September, 2016 – “The staff was courteous, kind, attentive, friendly and affable.  I would recommend other patients to experience the excellent service.”  Claudette Platt-Godfrey, Manchester


September, 2016 – “Competent team; very professional.  Floyd Smith, St. Catherine


October, 2016 – “Very happy and satisfied with the level of thoughtfulness and care which went into my treatment.  No effort was spared with regards to making me as comfortable and my experience as painless as possible.  Only wish it were free.”  Carol Edwards, Kingston


October, 2016 – “Thanks for your professional and friendly approach.  Love the view, the plants and well kept office.”  Viola Cain-Hall, St. Andrew


October, 2016 – “Exceptional service, pain free experience.  I would definitely recommend to others.”  Athol Hamilton, Kingston


November, 2016 – “Efficient, calm, courteous, welcoming staff.  I am very impressed with the smooth, customer centered care and effort to keep me, as a patient, fully informed.”  Hillary Alexander, St. Andrew


November, 2016 – “Great experience.  100% better than expected.  Thank you” J Trixi Macmillan, Kingston


November, 2016 – “I was impressed by the professional yet friendly atmosphere of the office, staff and doctor.  Jackie is a great asset!  Dr. Nallapati has a great “bedside” manner and is very likable.”  Alicia Lyle, Kingston


December, 2016 – “Excellent client service.  Dr. Nallapati exceeded my expectations.”  Bibi Morais, Kingston


December, 2016 – “I believe the procedure was professionally done at the highest level!”  Bevon Francis, Kingston


December, 2016 – “They are amazing!!  Merry Christmas!”  Patrick Casserly, St. Andrew