Testimonials – 2017

January, 2017 – “Extremely efficient, professional staff; very humane caring treatment; open to answering all questions.”  Shauna Martin, Spanish Town


January, 2017 – “Dr. Nallapati was highly recommended and I was not disappointed.  His staff members give excellent care.”  Celia McKoy, St. Catherine


January, 2017 – “Excellent treatment!  Dr. Nallapati was very caring and informative!!”  Hussain Imam, U.S.A.


February, 2017 – “This is my 2nd visit and again I am so impressed by the fantastic service given.  Every patient should get an opportunity to see what “real” service should be.  Thank you Doc and staff.  Keep up the good work J!!!”  Judith Brown, St. Catherine


February, 2017 – “Two thumbs up!  I’ve already WhatsApp my good experience to friends.”  Dr. Garth Rattray, Kingston


February, 2017 – “One of the most professional offices I have ever been to in a long time.  Great staff and service was exceptional.  I was most impressed.”  Grace Ann Jackson, Kingston


March, 2017 – “It was like being in a hotel not a dental office; its five star treatment and very courteous staff.”   Tinga Turner, Kingston


March, 2017 – “Outstanding work; all the good stories I heard were true!!”  Luis Moreno, San Antonio,Texas


March, 2017 – “Very nice staff.  My fears were unwarranted.  Dr. Nallapati made me feel very comfortable; very caring and mild person.”  Anonymous


April, 2017 – “Clean, modern facility with quiet and soothing staff and atmosphere; that did much to allay fears; minimal discomfort experienced; not like in the old days!”  Donna McKoy, St. Ann


April, 2017 – “The entire procedure was very good.  I was treated with respect and care.”  Una Kettle, Kingston


April, 2017 – “Excellent!   Email, text messages and follow up calls added a positive touch.  This was an experience like no other.  Keep it up!”  Alethia Peart, Manchester


May, 2017 – “Confidence is inspired by Dr. Nallapati and his team.  I feel I am getting the best treatment available in Jamaica.”  Dr. Harriett Wendy Gardner, St. Andrew


May, 2017 – “The minute I spoke to Jackie I knew I would be well taken care of.  I was a big scaredy- cat and Judene sat with me just to give reassurance and comfort.  My experience was more than awesome and true to Dr. Nallapati’s word, I felt no pain.  A big thank you guys.  You are such a fabulous team.”  Fiona Stewart, St. Andrew


May, 2017 – “Much quicker than I expected; if I didn’t have jaw issues virtually pain free and even with jaw issues, it was very manageable.”  Rusti Zacca, St. Andrew


June, 2017 – “Very positive experience; Dr. Nallapati provided extensive explanations and I felt very well taken care of.  Thank you for such caring, professional treatment.”  David Varvel, Kingston


June, 2017 – “I would recommend Dr. Nallapati to anyone needing this type of treatment; very professional, state of the art equipment; quite knowledgeable in his field.  Fell asleep during my first root canal procedure.”  Cherry Wan, St. Andrew


June, 2017 – “Process was seamless and very comfortable; one of the best dental procedures that I have ever had.”  Patrick Mitchell, St. Catherine


July, 2017 – “I am still pain-less, singing in my kitchen… my friends are in shock.  Thanks to God and thank you Dr Nallapati God bless you to continue doing a good work and keep you safe.  My sister who lives in the US had a root canal done and she advised me never to have one done. She said her dentist told her to hold up her finger if she was feeling pain, she said her finger was up through the entire procedure so I was very apprehensive. I prayed and asked friends to pray.  Thanks, thanks. God bless you n staff. I would certainly recommend you.  Thanks Jackie, your voice is soothing and relaxing, you are in the right position, keep up the good work.”  Anonymous


July, 2017 – “I highly appreciate the high standards and warmth of how I was treated as a patient.  I will highly recommend Dr. Nallapati and his team and I will support any venture that his institute may take to expand and improve further his service to Jamaica and the Caribbean.  Thank you all!”  Dr. Nina Bruni, St. Andrew


July, 2017 – “The patient care is outstanding.”  Briget Scott, Kingston


August, 2017 – “I am very impressed with the attitude and compassion of Dr. Nallapati and his staff.  Importantly, he listened and helped me to relax.”  Jodykay Henry, Kingston


August, 2017 – “Like your music!  I was very relaxed.  Thank you very much; I really think you have a very professional practice!”  Suzanne Lake, St. Andrew


August, 2017 – “Excellent office and treatment; very professional and courteous; would highly recommend to others.”  Preston Chin, St. Andrew



September, 2017 – “It was a wonderful experience for me; exceeded my expectations.  Doctor Nallapati and staff must be commended for their high level of professionalism and care they took in ensuring my experience was a pleasurable one.  I have no hesitation in returning or referring others here.  Thanks.”  Sasha Samuels, Clarendon


September, 2017 – “Very comforting and professional all around; not what we would imagine for such a dreadful sounding procedure.”  Janette Langford, Kingston


September, 2017“I expected this to be painful because of what everyone told me.  It was almost painless (only one injection hurt slightly) and very efficient.  Glad I came here; friendly and professional staff.”  Shelley Sterling, St. Andrew


October, 2017 – “There was no pain; only the discomforts of having the mouth open so long.  Something about the word: root canal: strikes fear!!  But it was all acceptable.”   Deirdre Hughes, Kingston


October, 2017 – “I had very little fear.  The experience was good.  You guys are the best.  Thank you.”  Carol Nelson, Kingston


October, 2017 – “I continue to be impressed by the impressive customer service and professionalism of the staff.”  Matthew Samuels, Kingston


November, 2017 – “Always a pleasure despite the unpleasurable exercise.  Very satisfied with Dr. Nallapati’s service and care.”  Hon. Sir Patrick Allen G.G.  Kingston


November, 2017 – “Dr. Nallapati lived up to his reputation, excellent and pain free!.  Don’t go anywhere else.” Christine Duncan, St. Andrew


November, 2017 – “An overall excellent experience.  All staff members were courteous, knowledgeable and helpful; would recommend.”  Karlene Robinson, Kingston


December, 2017 – “I have always feared dentist appointments; so the news that I needed a root canal was particularly terrifying.  Dr. Nallapati was immediately reassuring and displayed exceptional competence.  The procedure went smoothly; I barely felt the anesthetic injections and post-op was manageable.  Thank you to Dr. Nallapati and team and also Dr. Veitch for the referral.”  Kristen Decarish, Kingston


December, 2017 – “I was told root canal treatment is extremely uncomfortable and quite painful, however, my experience was quite the contrary.  The only discomfort was during examination of my tooth and the injections.  The treatment itself was not painful at all.  I’m very, very pleased with my experience.”  Dr. Rishika Chin, St. Andrew


December, 2017 – “Very impressed with the service.”  Keith Goodison, Kingston