Testimonials – 2018

January, 2018 – “Centre of excellence.” Jeremiah Davy (Jerry D), Kingston


January, 2018 – “Truly an awesome experience; way more comfortable, speedy and pain free than expected.  Doc is a true professional.  Bless you!”  Dahlia Harris, Portmore, St. Catherine


January, 2018 – “Exceptionally professional; world class operation.” Richard Russell, St. Andrew


February, 2018 – “Very relaxed environment; staff was professional but friendly; really appreciated the reminders by email.”  Kishner Cowell, Kingston


February, 2018 – “Dr. Nallapati’s treatment of my tooth surpassed my expectations.  He is very professional and personable and very skillful.  The staff made the experience even more manageable.  We are blessed to have him.”  Andrea McKenzie-Howell, St. Andrew


February, 2018 – “It was most impressive; the level of interaction of the staff with me (the patient); obviously they are well trained to put the patient at ease.  Great Job!!”  Grace Foster-Reid, Manchester


March, 2018 – “Doctor tried to give me comfort at every stage of the procedure.  I’m extremely happy that I visited this office in terms of treatment.  I would recommend it highly if you feel in such situations where treatment is required.”  Vijay Nirankari, St. Ann


March, 2018 – “Dr. Nallapati was very patient and gentle during the procedure.  The staff is also very supportive and caring; excellent experience during my visit.”  Tiffany Linton, Kingston


March, 2018 – “The total experience was of a highly professional one.  The ambience provided coupled with the soothing music gave one the feeling of complete relaxation and serenity; A wonderful experience in a doctor’s office.”  Brian Madden, St. Andrew


April, 2018 – “I’m very impressed with the standard of care received; starting at the front desk as well as the friendly dental assistants; the procedure was comfortable and the rct procedure experience better than I have ever experienced.  I will definitely let other know about the superb care offered.”  Dr. Lisanne Levy, Kingston


April, 2018 – “Always a ‘pleasure’ if that’s how a visit to my dentist can be described!”  Thalia Lyn, Kingston


April, 2018 – “Even though at a dentist, the level of care and professionalism is simply outstanding… class!”  Hillary Alexander, Kingston


May, 2018 – “Very professional staff; I appreciate Dr. Nallapati’s respect for his patients’ time; no extended wait to see him; excellent time management.”  Nicole Brown, Kingston


May, 2018 – “Very professional, efficient and effective; appointments are on schedule (no waiting).”  Scott-George Beckford, St. Catherine


May, 2018 – “Excellent client service and care by the entire team, which resulted in seamless procedure.“  Jacqueline Donaldson, St. Andrew