Testimonials – 2019

January, 2019 – “I was particularly impressed with Jackie’s assistance throughout the course of treatment. When she was made aware that I was in severe pain she pulled out all the stops to fit me in which was really appreciated.” Stacey Samuels, St. Andrew

January, 2019 – “My experience was very good. Dr. Nallapati worked very meticulous, which further cemented my confidence in the procedure and his technique. I will recommend my friends and family in the future.” Shanett Bromfield, Kingston

January, 2019 – “ Overall very satisfied with the treatment, care and customer service; very impressed, will recommend to family and friends.” Marlene Motta, Kingston

February, 2019 – “Excellent customer service and treatment; was not as uncomfortable as I thought. I’d recommend Dr. Nallapati’s dental expertise to anyone having a tooth challenge.” Natalie Neita, St. James

February, 2019 –  “My second time doing a root canal treatment here;  based on my first experience, I returned; I would recommend persons to come here; I have done so already.” Andrea Williams, St. Andrew

February, 2019 – “Very professional and attentive; explanations were given as the procedure was being carried out; excellent experience.”  Samuel Johnson, Clarendon

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