Testimonials – 2019

January, 2019 – “I was particularly impressed with Jackie’s assistance throughout the course of treatment. When she was made aware that I was in severe pain she pulled out all the stops to fit me in which was really appreciated.” Stacey Samuels, St. Andrew

January, 2019 – “My experience was very good. Dr. Nallapati worked very meticulous, which further cemented my confidence in the procedure and his technique. I will recommend my friends and family in the future.” Shanett Bromfield, Kingston

January, 2019 – “ Overall very satisfied with the treatment, care and customer service; very impressed, will recommend to family and friends.” Marlene Motta, Kingston

February, 2019 – “Excellent customer service and treatment; was not as uncomfortable as I thought. I’d recommend Dr. Nallapati’s dental expertise to anyone having a tooth challenge.” Natalie Neita, St. James

February, 2019 –  “My second time doing a root canal treatment here;  based on my first experience, I returned; I would recommend persons to come here; I have done so already.” Andrea Williams, St. Andrew

February, 2019 – “Very professional and attentive; explanations were given as the procedure was being carried out; excellent experience.”  Samuel Johnson, Clarendon

March, 2019 – “Prior to the procedure I was extremely nervous and fretful.  However, I soon discovered that my fears were unfounded.  There was no pain whatsoever; so much better than I anticipated.” Anonymous

March, 2019 – “I must commend you for your warmth and welcoming services that you offer.  I highly appreciate the treatment offered by every member of staff.  Thanks a lot.” Shamarie Williams, Kingston

March, 2019 – “I am very pleased with the level of professionalism, competence and general care displayed by all persons I interacted with.” Shelleann Davis, Kingston

April, 2019 – “Dr. Nallapati and the staff are exceptional, professional and yet warm and friendly atmosphere and care.” Grace-Ann Thomas, Kingston

April, 2019 – “Excellent customer service; all aspects of service were similar and staff gives the impression that they sincerely care about your well being.  I will definitely be recommending your services to others.” Corrine Magbegor, St. Catherine

April, 2019 – “Thank you for such love and care during my treatment.  It was a very good and relaxing one.  Thumbs up!!” Angella Richards, St. Andrew

May, 2019 – “I am impressed with the high level of customer service by all persons I have interacted with; also the environment is very relaxing.” Kamar Muir, Kingston

May, 2019 – “I would definitely come back here if I have another such procedure to do.” Kimberly Lawson, Kingston

May, 2019 – “All was positive.  Thanks!  I was most impressed with follow up phone call; love the ambience and front desk treatment.” Althea Smith, Kingston

June, 2019 – “I am very pleased with the service delivery.  Jackie is awesome at what she does and really makes the experience feel personal.  I would certainly recommend Dr. S. Nallapati as the Endodontist of first choice!” Michael Morgan, St. Andrew

June, 2019 – “I am glad that this was the doctor that was recommended.  If you need to do a root canal treatment then this is certainly the place to get it done.” Morene D’Aguilar, Manchester

June, 2019 – “I really love the atmosphere here. It is very nice and comfortable, also extremely clean.  The staff is super nice and Doc gave me some well needed tips in caring for my teeth.” Janet Lebert, Kingston

July, 2019 – “Jackie and nurse Judene are keepers!!!  Upon entry, although in pain Jackie made me feel welcomed.  Nurse Judene spoke to me before the procedure and explained in entirety about treatment.  My overall experience was awesome!!” Andrea Bryan-Edwards, St. Catherine

July, 2019 – “We are very blessed to have Dr. Nallapati and his great equipment and skills in this country.” Yvonne Todd, St. Andrew

July, 2019 – “A very pleasant experience, staff extremely professional; doctor extremely competent.  If I have to do this again, I will definitely come right back here.” Daniel Pryce, Kingston

August, 2019 – “Your office is the most pleasant dental experience I have ever had in my entire life!  I’m 57 years old!” Vinneth Barnes, Melville, New York

August, 2019 – “I always felt confident that all would be well despite the complexity and length of the procedure.” Prudence Lovell-Prescod, St. Andrew

August, 2019 – “Thank you very much Doc and your competent and courteous Staff for the help, much appreciated.” Curtis Wallace, St. Ann

September, 2019 – “I am an extremely satisfied patient.  I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Dr. Nallapati and his Team.  Great job!” Michael Morgan, St. Andrew

September, 2019 – “Professional staff.  Professional service. Excellent experience.” James Lechler, St. Andrew

September, 2019 – “Unbelievably pain free!!  I would do it again.” Robert Coote, Clarendon

October, 2019 – “Thanks for superb care and helpful explanations throughout the course of treatment.” Ronald Thwaites, St. Andrew

October, 2019 – “I was pleasantly surprised that the process was pain free.  The overnight anxiety was unnecessary.  I would highly recommend him to anyone.” Tamia Francis, Kingston

October, 2019 – “I had a root canal done here before and I had absolutely no pain or issue during and after, which is why I happily came back when I heard I had another root canal to do.  Dr. Nallapati and staff are excellent!!” Tania McDonald-Tomlinson, Kingston

November, 2019 – “Everyone was very pleasant, extremely courteous and made me feel at ease.  All doctors should be like Dr. Nallapati, very caring, gentle and kind.  He took time to allay my concerns and I trusted his judgment.  Thank you Dr. Nallapati. Lorraine Blair-Baker, Kingston

November, 2019 – “I’m glad I came to Dr. Nallapati for my root canal treatment.  The treatment was not painful at all and he was very informative.  In addition, the staff and overall impression of the office was great.” Shanice Weekes, Kingston

November, 2019 – “Excellent service; best root canal specialist in Jamaica.” Luke Issa, St. Andrew

December, 2019 – “I must say that this has been one of the most pleasant dental/doctor experiences that I’ve ever had.” Coretta Moncrieffe, Kingston

December, 2019 – “I like the fact that I could be treated at 7:30 am…..beat the traffic.  Everyone was extremely courteous.” Janet Barnett, Kingston

December, 2019 – “The treatment was satisfactory.  Overall it was a good experience.  I will definitely recommend this practice to others.” Hartley Grant, Montego Bay