Testimonials – 2020

January, 2020 – “My God, from entering to procedure and leaving…..excellent service!!! Feels like I am in a first world country. Rating: 100% excellent experience. I am on the Board of the Jamaica Customer Service Association and I will ensure you are mentioned.” Marie Matthews,  St. Andrew

January, 2020 – “Excellent!!! No pain. I’m just glad you could accommodate me when you did. It’s over and I know I’ll feel much better. Thank you, Dr. Nallapati and team.” Suzanne Lake, St. Andrew

January, 2020 – “I was very tense and uncomfortable at the beginning but doctor explained everything and gave very good advice which really helped me to relax and adjust during the procedure.” Suzanne Weir, Kingston

February, 2020 – “A root canal prospect can be intimidating.  I came with great anxiety and was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of the process.  Having done several before, this experience was vastly superior.  I would say it was a combination of good equipment and excellent technique procedure on Dr. Nallapati’s part!  #golden fingers; I’m a happy patient.” Paula Hurlock, Kingston

February, 2020 – “Second time for treatment; always impressed with the customer service and professionalism of the staff.  Dr. Nallapati is an excellent Endodontist; no pain at all.” Anonymous

February, 2020 – “This root canal procedure exceeded my expectation, especially for pain and discomfort.  Dr. Nallapati and his nurses made it very comfortable.  Can I say wow?  Yes WOW!” Cheryl Evans, St. Andrew

March, 2020 – “The environment of the office and treatment area is most pleasant and relaxing. The care given is very tender and comforting. Thanks to all the staff and doctor.” Glossie Stone St. Catherine

March, 2020 – “The fear was greater than the reality. I have felt worst after cleaning.” Lorna Jamieson Bond St. Andrew

March, 2020 – “Service/care is of very high standard; very exemplary.” David James St. Catherine

April, 2020 – “I appreciated the level of warmth and general ambiance of the office.” Conrod Taylor, Kingston

April, 2020 – “Very professional and caring; Dr. Nallapati and his team are highly recommended by me.” Janell Rodriguez, Kingston

April, 2020 – “My experience was as expected, there was no pain involved in my two part root canal procedure. I was advised by past clients that this would be my experience as well and it was so, to my delight.” Ann Thompson, Kingston

May, 2020 – “One of the best service and treatment I have ever had locally and internationally.  Well done to everyone.  I can recommend you all to anyone, anywhere.  Thanks.” Glen Mills, Kingston

May, 2020 – “Pleased with everything so far. I liked the type of music played; very calming to the nerves particularly for persons like myself who is very nervous to do these procedures.  Good job everyone.  Four stars****.” Juanita Graham, St. Catherine

May, 2020 – “My experience today exceeded my expectation.  It was literally pain free.  Dr. Nallapati was in-depth with how he would precede treatment.  The staff was friendly.” Candice Murphy, St. Mary

June, 2020 – “The service started the minute I entered the office. The receptionist is simply delightful and showed sincere care when I mentioned my fears. She quickly informed and reassured me that I would be fine.”  Shamall Kambui, St. Catherine

June, 2020 – “From the initial start of just making the appointment, it has been a complete pleasure and exceptional care unlike any other place or interaction with people in a business place I have ever experienced. This bad experience of a terrible tooth ache has been dealt with by caring and an understanding staff and doctor. Thank you.”  Dahlia Chin – Kingston

June, 2020 – “The office is so comfortable, clean and nice. Keep it up. The staff is super professional.” Janet Lebert, Kingston

July, 2020 – “I am very impressed with the staff and care that I got; very competent and professional atmosphere. I would recommend Dr. Nallapati to anyone who needs to see a professional.” Karen Ramson, Kingston

July, 2020 – “I am extremely satisfied with the overall care. This was one of my best dental visits!!! ” Adrian Lyn, St. Andrew

July, 2020 – “I was pleasantly surprised; there was no discomfort at all and to think I anticipated the worst.” Philene Ingram, St. Ann

August, 2020 – “Very nice and pain free experience; would recommend others for sure.” Andrea Aaron-Joseph

August, 2020 – “Extremely professional; appointment dates and times are adhered to and respected by both patient and office. Each process is explained diligently and the support staff is very knowledgeable and supportive of both Dr. Nallapati and patient.” Andre Modest, Kingston

August, 2020 – “I am impressed with the level of professionalism displayed. The staff was very courteous and gentle. Dr. Nallapati was very patient, kind and knowledgeable; He took the time to explain each step of the process and cause of the issue, after visiting several dentists over the past 6 years; Finally, I know the cause of my problem!” Marsha Morgan-Allen, Kingston

September, 2020 – “I am very, very satisfied; I’m a “big fraid” and expected to feel pain/discomfort and there was none. No need to feel afraid of the dental experience. Thank you!!!” Hermine Huie, Kingston

September, 2020 – “Jackie is amazing; she has such a warm and welcoming personality. The atmosphere here is great. Doctor is also very knowledgeable and thorough; great job.” Taniesha Smith, St. Catherine

September, 2020 – “I was very nervous in the beginning, but I was encouraged by the nurses to relax, this I did. The procedure went very well. I am very happy for the outcome. Thanks to doctor and his team. “Claudette Pryce, Kingston

October, 2020 – “The best I have experienced in all my 39 years visiting the dentist.” Ome McCalla, St. Andrew

October, 2020 – “Excellent service as always and Doc asks plenty of questions before he even starts; he doesn’t just start the surgery.” Jacqueline Prendergast, St. Ann

October, 2020 – “This is my 4th treatment with this dentist and it’s always been very good; staff very professional as well.” John Williams, Kingston

November, 2020 – “First impression via telephone was commendable. There is excellent demonstration of customer/patient centricity. No doubt very competent and skillful; thank you Dr. Nallapati, blessings!!” Sonia Ingleton, St. Catherine

November, 2020 – “Great service; Dr. Nallapati was very patient and took the time to make me comfortable and overcome my anxiety.” Stephanie Coy, Kingston

November, 2020 – “Overall, it was a caring and comfortable experience. The procedure was explained thoroughly and both doctor and assistant were very gentle and caring during and after the procedure. The follow up was also very professional.” Yvonne Dixon-Price, St. Catherine

December, 2020 – “Exceptional service; I am impressed. The procedure was not painful at all; adding to that the ambiance and the staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I would recommend.” Siona Palmer, Kingston

December, 2020 – “Thanks. Going to the dentist is intimidating; you all made it easier,” Diana McCaulay, Kingston

December, 2020 – “The staffs made me feel very comfortable. I appreciate that things were explained to me before they were done.” Vinnette Stephenson, St. Catherine