Testimonials – 2021

January, 2021 – “Team of professionals; competent and caring; from you enter the establishment and when you leave.”  Suzette Buchanan, St. Catherine

January, 2021 – “I feel great.  The services offered was satisfactory.”  Suzette Hill-McFarlane, St. Catherine

January, 2021 – “Very caring; made you feel relaxed and music very enjoyable.”  Patricia Sale, St. Andrew

February, 2021 – “My endodontist of choice; I trust only Dr. Nallapati with my root canals!”  Karen Harris, St. Andrew

February, 2021 – “A very calming atmosphere.  Clean and cool air conditioning; my room had a nice view of the hills.”   Carlene Cowan, St. Andrew

February, 2021 – “Overall, the experience was significantly better than expected.  Great team.”  Peter Moses, St. Andrew

March, 2021 – “The staff are very courteous and attentive.  The doctor has some very impressive skills; overall the experience was super awesome. I definitely 100% recommend.  Smiling bright again!!!”  Ricardo Lynch, Kingston

March, 2021 – “Fantastic service overall.”  Bruce Wongken, St. Andrew

March, 2021 – “The experience was so good; I didn’t even realize I was finished so quickly!”  Michelle Barclay-Shakespeare

April, 2021 – “One of the best experiences I have had doing a dental procedure.”  Dr. Pierre Williams, Kingston

April, 2021 – “I felt satisfied with the treatment and care provided by staff.  They were able to calm me and take away my worries by explaining everything I had concerns about, in detail.”   Nisa Wynter, Kingston

April, 2021 – “Fantastic service overall.”  Bruce Wongken, St. Andrew

May, 2021 – “I would definitely recommend Dr. Nallapati, as he is an expert who knows exactly what he is about.”  Keon Hinds, St. Catherine

May, 2021 – “Very good; I would recommend anyone to this office.  Thanks for your service.”  Dr. Vincent Wright, Mandeville, Manchester

May, 2021 – “The service provided at the office exceeded my expectations.  The staff was very gentle and welcoming.  I felt at home and was comfortable throughout the entire process……10/10; would recommend.”  Melbourne Douglas, St. Catherine

June, 2021 – “Great experience overall considering what was done.  Don’t ever want to come back, but if I had to do a similar procedure in the future, I would feel more than comfortable and reassured.  Job well done.”  Kevin Sadler, Kingston

June, 2021 – “Great overall service with competent and professional staff.” Aldane Milton, Kingston

June, 2021 – “Quality treatment; excellent overall.  Thank you!”  Andrew Nicol, Kingston

July, 2021 – “I feel like a family member after stepping through the door and its highly appreciated.  I’m glad that I chose this office to do my operation.  Miss Jackie is the most warm, welcoming lady I’ve ever been in contact with and it’s a pleasure knowing her.”  Giovanni Mendez, St. Catherine

July, 2021 – “I’m very impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff.  I felt very relaxed and I felt no pain during the procedure.”  Yvonne Sharpe, Kingston

July, 2021 – “Your front office operations are stellar; very pleasant, very accommodating.”  Amanda Collins Madden, St. Andrew

August, 2021 – “overall experience was very good; much better than I expected.   Good job by all.”  Vaughan Earle, St. Catherine

August, 2021 – “Best doctor; highly recommend.”  Kadeen Baker, Kingston

August, 2021 – “Continue to extend excellent service.”  Shauna-Kay Jamieson-Green, Kingston

September, 2021 – “I felt very comfortable on my very first visit and knew right then that I would get the best care and service.  The front desk person was very professional and friendly.  I am totally satisfied.  Thanks guys!”  Lorna Daley, St. Catherine

September, 2021 – “Jackie is excellent.  She is a true reflection of what good customer service represents.  The entire staff excellent.”  Dr. Ludrick Morris, Westmoreland

September, 2021 – “Everyone is very professional and exceptionally nice.  Dr. Nallapati is the best!!  Lesley Morris, Kingston

October, 2021 – “It was a pleasure receiving care here.”  Anonymous, Kingston

October, 2021 – “Very good customer service; relaxing environment.  I was scared for my first treatment and Dr. Nallapati was very caring and coached me to relax; it worked!  I’m very pleased.”  Toni Jones, Kingston

October, 2021 – “Your service and professional care got high recommendations from all with whom I spoke and I have not been disappointed.  I will certainly perpetuate recommending you.” Dr. Peggy Myers Morgan, St. Andrew