Testimonials – 2021

January, 2021 – “Team of professionals; competent and caring; from you enter the establishment and when you leave.”  Suzette Buchanan, St. Catherine

January, 2021 – “I feel great.  The services offered was satisfactory.”  Suzette Hill-McFarlane, St. Catherine

January, 2021 – “Very caring; made you feel relaxed and music very enjoyable.”  Patricia Sale, St. Andrew

February, 2021 – “My endodontist of choice; I trust only Dr. Nallapati with my root canals!”  Karen Harris, St. Andrew

February, 2021 – “A very calming atmosphere.  Clean and cool air conditioning; my room had a nice view of the hills.”   Carlene Cowan, St. Andrew

February, 2021 – “Overall, the experience was significantly better than expected.  Great team.”  Peter Moses, St. Andrew

March, 2021 – “The staff are very courteous and attentive.  The doctor has some very impressive skills; overall the experience was super awesome. I definitely 100% recommend.  Smiling bright again!!!”  Ricardo Lynch, Kingston

March, 2021 – “Fantastic service overall.”  Bruce Wongken, St. Andrew

March, 2021 – “The experience was so good; I didn’t even realize I was finished so quickly!”  Michelle Barclay-Shakespeare

April, 2021 – “One of the best experiences I have had doing a dental procedure.”  Dr. Pierre Williams, Kingston

April, 2021 – “I felt satisfied with the treatment and care provided by staff.  They were able to calm me and take away my worries by explaining everything I had concerns about, in detail.”   Nisa Wynter, Kingston

April, 2021 – “Fantastic service overall.”  Bruce Wongken, St. Andrew

May, 2021 – “I would definitely recommend Dr. Nallapati, as he is an expert who knows exactly what he is about.”  Keon Hinds, St. Catherine

May, 2021 – “Very good; I would recommend anyone to this office.  Thanks for your service.”  Dr. Vincent Wright, Mandeville, Manchester

May, 2021 – “The service provided at the office exceeded my expectations.  The staff was very gentle and welcoming.  I felt at home and was comfortable throughout the entire process……10/10; would recommend.”  Melbourne Douglas, St. Catherine

June, 2021 – “Great experience overall considering what was done.  Don’t ever want to come back, but if I had to do a similar procedure in the future, I would feel more than comfortable and reassured.  Job well done.”  Kevin Sadler, Kingston

June, 2021 – “Great overall service with competent and professional staff.” Aldane Milton, Kingston

June, 2021 – “Quality treatment; excellent overall.  Thank you!”  Andrew Nicol, Kingston

July, 2021 – “I feel like a family member after stepping through the door and its highly appreciated.  I’m glad that I chose this office to do my operation.  Miss Jackie is the most warm, welcoming lady I’ve ever been in contact with and it’s a pleasure knowing her.”  Giovanni Mendez, St. Catherine

July, 2021 – “I’m very impressed with the professionalism of the entire staff.  I felt very relaxed and I felt no pain during the procedure.”  Yvonne Sharpe, Kingston

July, 2021 – “Your front office operations are stellar; very pleasant, very accommodating.”  Amanda Collins Madden, St. Andrew

August, 2021 – “overall experience was very good; much better than I expected.   Good job by all.”  Vaughan Earle, St. Catherine

August, 2021 – “Best doctor; highly recommend.”  Kadeen Baker, Kingston

August, 2021 – “Continue to extend excellent service.”  Shauna-Kay Jamieson-Green, Kingston

September, 2021 – “I felt very comfortable on my very first visit and knew right then that I would get the best care and service.  The front desk person was very professional and friendly.  I am totally satisfied.  Thanks guys!”  Lorna Daley, St. Catherine

September, 2021 – “Jackie is excellent.  She is a true reflection of what good customer service represents.  The entire staff excellent.”  Dr. Ludrick Morris, Westmoreland

September, 2021 – “Everyone is very professional and exceptionally nice.  Dr. Nallapati is the best!!  Lesley Morris, Kingston

October, 2021 – “It was a pleasure receiving care here.”  Anonymous, Kingston

October, 2021 – “Very good customer service; relaxing environment.  I was scared for my first treatment and Dr. Nallapati was very caring and coached me to relax; it worked!  I’m very pleased.”  Toni Jones, Kingston

October, 2021 – “Your service and professional care got high recommendations from all with whom I spoke and I have not been disappointed.  I will certainly perpetuate recommending you.” Dr. Peggy Myers Morgan, St. Andrew

November, 2021 – “The service provided by Caribbean Institute of Endodontics Ltd, has been superb.  The ambiance is welcoming and the reception is warm and inviting.  Dr. Nallapati is a kind, warm respectful professional who provides efficient personal care.”  Nadine Blake, Mandeville

November, 2021 – “Dr. Nallapati is kind and caring.  I also appreciate his sense of humor!  He does excellent work and he is very efficient.”  Audrey Forgeron, St. Andrew

November, 2021 – “Excellent.  The staff was awesome.  The treatment was exclusive and not painful.”  Ajay Lalwani, Kingston

December, 2021 – “I was very apprehensive about the prospect of my procedure.  I had absolutely nothing to worry about.  My treatment was painless, comfortable and very efficient.  Thanks to the entire team and staff for such excellent service!” Charmaine Bryan, St. Andrew

December, 2021 – “I love the service here!  I want to keep coming back, lol; soon my tooth will be fixed and I won’t have a reason to return.”  Malia Morgan, Mandeville

December, 2021 – “I am extremely satisfied with the professionalism and overall care of the entire staff.  The follow-up call after my initial visit, addressed the pain issue I was experiencing, as the nurse recommended Panadeine, which worked very well.  Excellent service overall.”  Wayne Latibeaudiere, Kingston