Testimonials – 2022

January, 2022– “I was very pleased with the overall experience.  The staff are very professional.”  Kavel Sangster

January, 2022 – “Absolutely painless!  Dr. Nallapati, a caring and extremely attentive and informative endodontist.  I will recommend him anytime.”  Marie Hill, Kingston

January, 2022 – “I was very scared of the procedure by nature of the name.  But after doing it, was nothing to be scared of or worry about.”  Michael Jackson, St. Catherine

February, 2022 – “Excellent service and treatment; very professional and courteous.  I would recommend your services to anyone.  Thanks guys, you have changed my perception of dental care from scary to relaxing.”  Dexter Salmon, Kingston

February, 2022 – “It was stress relieving to be constantly informed about what is being done.”  Lorie Brown, Kingston

February, 2022 – “My first time and I would recommend this office to anyone with dental problem 100%.”  Albert Parkes, St. Andrew

March, 2022 – “I am very satisfied with the procedure.  Staff is very courteous and kind.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Sashi Nallapati.”  Marva McKellar, Kingston

March, 2022 – “First world.” Paul Henriques, St. Catherine

March, 2022 – “The experience here was absolutely professional.  The atmosphere is calming.  The staff were superb.  Jackie was phenomenal and her front office service sets the standard for everything that followed.  Dr. Nallapati, is simply the best I have had in my dental work experience.  I highly recommend all to come here for all their endodontic needs.” Julie-Ann Keane, Kingston

April, 2022 – “No pain!  The entire team worked very hard to reduce my stress level, which was very high.  Excellent experience.”  Charline Patterson, St. Catherine

April, 2022 – “Very professional team and excellent service.  I had little or no discomfort; I’m happy I chose Dr. Nallapati.”  Janene Shaw, St. Andrew

April, 2022 – “I’m very appreciative of the level of treatment and the accommodating nature of Dr. Nallapati.”  Anna-Maria Toby, Kingston

May, 2022 – “Jackie is the epitome of customer service and Dr. Nallapati is very gentle despite the type of procedure done.”  Claudette Carter, Kingston

May, 2022 – “Pleasantly surprised…. painless!  Everyone is so professional and friendly, which helps with the entire experience.”  Vicki Stein, St. James

May, 2022 – “Extremely excellent service delivery.  I like the ambiance of the office and the pleasant and courteous staff.”  Oral Shaw, St. Andrew

June, 2022 – “I was very impressed with the service and would definitely recommend. All staff were courteous and patient and showed genuine care.  Dr. Nallapati’s calm disposition is enough to keep you calm or less worried than you should be.”  Sherika Atkinson, St. Andrew

June, 2022 – “I am fully satisfied with the treatment; everything was professionally done.”  Patrick King, St. Andrew

June, 2022 – “I felt very much at ease; The procedure went well and I’m satisfied with the results.”  Jason Walker, St. Andrew

July, 2022 – “Warm and inviting environment; professional in approach to patient care.  Doctor has super impressive bedside manners.  The guidance provided post op is highly appreciated.  Thank you for your assistance and care.”  Shamelia Francis, Kingston

July, 2022 – “Thanks so much for your hospitality.  You guys are great.”  Arlene Bartley, St. Andrew

July, 2022 – “It was a pleasant experience, as usual; I would recommend Dr. Nallapati and staff every time.  Environment is quite calming.”  Diahann Aird-Robinson, St. Andrew

August, 2022 – “I was very apprehensive about my root canal treatment initially but the staff and doctor were extremely supportive.  To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement.  The treatment went great!”  Grace McKenzie, Kingston

August 2022 – “Very professional, accommodating, caring and took the time to explain everything clearly.”  Dr. Suzanne Palmer-Burn, St. Andrew

August 2022 – “I will eat my words.  This is the best root canal treatment ever!  I am in shock at how professional it was; no pain at all. Very impressive.”  Derron Thames, St. Andrew

September 2022 – “Thanks to Dr. Nallapati and his entire professional team for ensuring that this feared procedure went smoothly.  Excellent service and treatment from all persons that I interacted with and I would recommend that persons requiring this specialized area of treatment, have no fear in being cared for by this team.  Thank you. And I will remember the numbers 19, 20, 21, 22……(smile)”.  Myrtle Weir, St. Andrew

September 2022 – “A work of art!  Dr. Sashi you are the master of this art. I thank you; God bless you.”  Velma Shakespeare, St. Andrew

September 2022 – “With my former experience, I was anticipating severe pain and discomfort, which none was experienced.  This was truly professionally done and I’m extremely satisfied.  Absolutely no pain.  Truly value for your money.  Thanks Dr. Nallapati.” Michelle Dougall, St. Andrew

October 2022 – “The team was very caring and informative, a ‘second to none’.  Kudos!!!”  Patricia Valentine, St. Catherine

October 2022 – “I will definitely make recommendations to other persons who have this procedure to do.”  Carol Porter-Dawkins, Kingston

October 2022 – “Very calming and welcoming environment.  Clean and appealing.”  Dr. Vitillius Holder, Manchester

November 2022 – “Nice display of medical achievements; helps to allay fears before start.  Excellent staff interaction.”  Lynroy Scott, St. Catherine

November 2022 – “Such a great example with respect to service.”  Claudette Gordon-McFarlane, Kingston

November 2022 – “Thank you!  When the injection was given, I felt little to no pain.”  Andrew Chung, Clarendon

December 2022 – “From my initial visit to the completion of my treatment, the staff has been extremely professional and courteous.  It was my pleasure doing business here.  Thank you Dr. Nallapati.”  Nadine Smith St. Andrew

December 2022 – “I have had three procedures here to date and the service and treatment continues to be exceptional.  Dr. Nallapati is excellent.”  Ali-maa Thompson, St. Catherine

December 2022 – “Excellent experience, went a whole lot better than I expected; Two thumbs up.”  Dervon Fowler, St. Andrew