Testimonials – 2023

January, 2023– “The experience was amazing.  I felt comfortable throughout the procedure because I was able to relax.  Well Done Doc and team.”  Rudolph Murdock, Kingston

January 2023 – “I expected this treatment to be uncomfortable and extremely painful but this was not the case.  I did not feel any pain during the procedure and the staff members were very caring and tried their best to ease your worry.”  Santash Morgan, Kingston

January 2023 – “Very courteous staff, clean and relaxing environment.  Very satisfied with the service provided.”  Joviann Taylor, Kingston

February 2023 – “I always feel that I’m in good hands!”  Moira Charley, St. Andrew

February 2023 – “The atmosphere was very relaxing, almost like entering a spa when you step inside.  Lovely ambience and soothing background music; very nice staff .”  Joan Wilson Roberts, St. Catherine

February 2023“Sashi is a magician!!” Andrew Upstone, St. Andrew

March 2023 – “I have very high regard and confidence in this practice, especially in Dr. Nallapati.  He is super best and know exactly what he is doing.  I slept throughout the process which suggest confidence and trust.”  Ruthlyn Preston, St. Andrew

March 2023 – “Very good experience; painless and quick.”  Anonymous, Kingston

March 2023 – “Exceptional service from a caring and considerate staff.”  Dr. Noel Cowell, St. Andrew

April 2023 – “Excellent service.”  Heather Hobson, Kingston

April 2023 – “Thank you so much; I’m good to go!”  Sister Susan Frazer

April 2023 – “I am pleased with the service offered.  I would recommend anyone wishing to do this procedure.”  Jeanne Slowe, Kingston

May 2023 – “The doctor was patient.  He explained after procedure care and gave wise recommendation afterwards.  I felt very comfortable.  Staff especially Jackie were very pleasant.”  Dimsie White, Kingston

May 2023 – “I’m very pleased with my experience.  I’m not very fond of dental appointment/dentist visits but everything went unexpectedly well.”  Dameon Creary, St. Catherine

May 2023 – “Overall, a perfect, caring and most importantly a very understanding staff and doctor.  Procedure done very comfortably and even though I hope not to have another tooth root canal treated again, if I should need to, then it would be done here again.  Thanks for everything.”  Dharmendra Ramchandani, Manchester

June 2023 – “The office staff is very kind and patient.  I appreciate the care and concern.”  Samantha Blair, St. Andrew

June 2023 – “The procedure was way less painful than I expected; The doctor also seemed very knowledgeable and explained everything in a way I could understand.  Xavier Watson, St. Catherine

June 2023 – “Excellent service and care from employees and doctor.”  Kamika Davis, Kingston

July 2023 – “I am very pleased with my treatment and the doctor and his staff. Keep up the good work.”  Sister Joann Reid, St. Andrew

July 2023 – “I was very grateful that I was able to be seen as an emergency.  The staff was friendly and explained exactly what I was to expect and the doctor was very professional in his care.  I would recommend to my friends.”  ML, Kingston

July 2023 – “Excellent service; very professional and very detailed.  Follow up after treatment is exceptional.”  Paul Passley, Kingston

August 2023 – “Very, very pleasant experience, from the front desk, to the assistants, to the doctor himself.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Nallapati to anyone.  This is first class service.”  Adrian McLymont, St. Andrew

August 2023 – “In addition to the warm service received, the environment is clean; it gives a very comfortable feeling.  Dr. Nallapati kept checking on me during the procedure to ensure I was okay.  The procedure was quicker than I expected.  Thank you, team!”  Ramona Bahadur-de Mercado, St. Andrew

August 2023 – “I would definitely come again should any problems arise.  Thanks to Dr. Nallapati and his wonderful staff.  Very competent.”  Jasmine James, St. Catherine

September 2023 – “Highly professional staff; friendly and courteous.”  Nelson Barton, Mandeville

September 2023 – “Nothing short of world class care from start to finish.”  Dr. Duane Patten, St. Catherine

September 2023 – “Excellent; great experience!”  Alfredo Bennett, St. Andrew

October 2023 – “Very professional, thoughtful and caring service.”  Eric Heslop, St. Andrew

October 2023 – “The staff is awesome.  Nurse was very patient; Doctor explained the process in a clear and precise manner.  The ambiance is great; Would highly recommend this office.”  Marcia Aitkin, St. Catherine

October 2023 – “Love the professionalism of the team.”  Nicholas Bogle, Kingston

November 2023 – “Excellent service!”  Roshan Mohan, Kingston

November 2023 – “Job well done.”  Colin Ebanks, St. Andrew

November 2023 – “I had a great experience!”  Mrs. Carla-Anne Harris-Roper, St. Andrew

December 2023 – “Amazing staff!  Attentive, informative, caring and efficient.  Great experience given the circumstance.  I am very happy!”  Kimberley Adamson, St. Andrew

December 2023 – “My dentists allayed my concerns coming here and for good reasons.  I have been very pleased with how well I have recovered and the healing process to date; given how much trouble I had been experiencing prior to my first visit here.”  Dainsworth Richards, St. Andrew

December 2023 – “I am satisfied with how I was treated.”  Derrick Hendricks, St. Elizabeth