Testimonials – 2024

January 2024 – “A very impressive experience, that certainly exceeded my expectations.  Professional staff along with easy-to-understand explanations and a painless procedure.  What more could one ask for?”  Karren Foster, St. Andrew

January 2024 – “I have had only positive interactions since visiting Dr. Sashi Nallapati’s office.  The customer service is superb and is to be continued.  I can only hope this positive trend continues.”  Nakesia Hanson, St. Catherine

January 2024 – “A happy feeling, driven by the courtesies of the staff; very satisfied.”  Ian Kelly, St. Andrew

February 2024 – “Overall service has continued to be of the very highest quality since my first visit in 2019.”  Dr. Claudette Williams, St. Andrew

February 2024 – “Excellent customer satisfaction; superb staff.  I would definitely recommend.”  Dane Lennox, Mandeville

February 2024 – “Always satisfied.  Jackie is exceptional; staff as always very good.  Gavin Wizzard, St. Catherine

March 2024 – “Very good service; I highly recommend.”  Antoinette Symister, St. Ann

March 2024 – “I slept through the entire procedure.”  Courtney Douce, St. Andrew

March 2024 – “Doc and his team were very patient and meticulous.”  Kerine Raglan-Hibbert, St. Catherine

April 2024 – “As a patient that is terrified sitting in a dentist chair, I must say this experience is the most calming.  I was very relaxed with the doctor and his assistant.”  Felecia Bassant, St. Catherine

April 2024 – “Amazing endodontic treatment!  From someone who fears needles and dental treatments in particular.  Dr. Sashi Nallapati, truly is a miracle worker.  Pain-free experience……zero pain!!  Monisha Shah, St. Andrew

April 2024 – “Excellent service; extreme professionalism and highly competent.”  Rita Allen-Brown, Kingston

May 2024 – “One of my best dental experiences.”  Merlin Bernard, St. Andrew

May 2024 – “The reception is excellent and the doctor is extremely good and very helpful.  He is skilled!!”  Anthony Yong, Kingston

May 2024 – “Very calm and courteous doctor.  Very gentle and informative assistant.  The frontline staff is very polite and professional.”  Faith Samms, St. Andrew