Testimonials – 2011

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February, 2011
-“A visit to the website, before commencing treatment, raised my expectation to unimaginary heights.  I am very glad that these expectations were achieved by a very competent practitioner and his ever pleasant staff.”- Stephen Duquesnay, Kingston


March, 2011-“Treatment was very gentle and caring.  Doctor showed experience and knowledge.  I sincerely appreciate the fact that he took the time to patiently explain before and after the treatment exactly what he was about to do and what he had done.  He was also sensitive enough to explain in simple layman’s term (as well) each procedure.  His staff was also very patient and caring.  They all showed experience and professionalism in their work and conduct.  Thank you..”-Janet Harris, Kingston


April, 2011 – “I was very satisfied with the courtesy of your office staff and the superlative care given.  It’s good to know that such an excellent facility exists in Jamaica.”-Robert Clarke, Worthy Park Estates, St. Catherine


May, 2011- I was very impressed, not at all what I was expecting.  The ambiance was superb.  The staff exhibited a caring attitude and was respectful.  The doctor has gentle hands.  Jackie your welcome, helped to alleviate my fears.  Keep up the good work.  Would not hesitate to recommend my peers and friends.” – Angie Mclaughlin, May Pen, Clarendon


May, 2011 -“Each experience has been satisfying and efficient.  I also appreciated having the procedures explained with visuals.  There was no pain during or after the treatment and I did not have to take any pain killers.” – Michele Orane, Kingston


July 12, 2011My pain experience during treatment was very minor.  I had excellent attention and was impressed with the state of the art office. I was very satisfied with the courtesy of your office staff.  It was definitely superlative care. – Rose Marie Mahfood, Kingston


July 13, 2011– “I did not know of Dr. Nallapati before Dr. Holmes recommended him.  I am extremely impressed.  He has changed my impressions about visiting the dentist.  I used to be fearful.  Now I have overcome this fear.  Dr. Nallapati, keep up the good work. – Pamella Powell, Kingston


July 25, 2011“I had very minor pain experience during treatment. I could not have wanted more.  I have never seen any office staff so caring, professional, and pleasant and will go out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed.  God bless you all and continue to serve humanity.  You truly make my day and give a new meaning to “caring about others”.   Thank you Dr. Sashi and staff.”Cordell Maxwell, St. Catherine


August 11, 2011“A very pleasant experience of professionalism and competence.  It reduced my usual fear of dental procedures; I was unusually relaxed and comfortable during the surgery.  The ambiance and décor of the facilities and the music enhanced the treatment.  I was very satisfied the courtesy of the office staff.-  Easton Douglas, Kingston


August 18, 2011“I had mild post op discomfort and no pain during my treatment.  I was impressed with the courtesy of the office staff and the overall superlative care received from the office.  I was able to drive to Ocho Rios immediately after the treatment with no discomfort.”Sister Hazeline Williams, Kingston


August 26, 2011 “I love the “five star” treatment and decor of the Caribbean Institute of Endodontics Ltd.  I enjoy the view of the mountains while being treated and the pleasant music.  I must not forget the after service call the morning after!”Diana Anderson, Kingston


September 23, 2011-“There was no post op discomfort and I had no need for medication.  I had no pain during treatment either. I was very satisfied with the staff and the doctor.  It’s the best experience ever!”Melanie Fitz Henley, Kingston


September 27, 2011“There was no post op discomfort, neither was there pain during treatment.  I was very satisfied with the courtesy of the office staff.  Love the entrance to your office, it’s like walking into a rain forest……cool inviting and relaxing.” – Monica Zijdemans, Mandeville


October 10, 2011“The post op discomfort was mild and had no need for pain pills.  My experience at Dr. Nallapati’s has been “AMAZING”…….truly first world service, from the moment you enter the door you are greeted with smiles and every courtesy you could want.  Love that Dr. is always on time, really appreciate everything.  I will definitely recommend.”Dr. Lauren Yeung, Kingston


October 11, 2011 “I was completely traumatized with pain and fear of any dental treatment PRIOR to my visit to Dr. Nallapati.  He has been superb, not only in the dental treatment provided but in restoring my confidence and trust in pain free experience and maintain dental/endodontic health“- Elaine Keight, Kingston


October 14, 2011 “I can’t believe I was so worried about doing this.  The discomfort I felt before doing the root canal wasn’t worth the wait.  I would have done this, months ago.  Thank you Doctor and staff!!”Wendy Martin Haddad, Kingston


October 18, 2011– “There was no pain during treatment and the injection for the local anesthesia was not painful at all.   I was very satisfied with the courtesy of the office staff and the overall superlative care I received.  Everything was perfect.”Douglas Stiebel, Kingston


December 15, 2011“It was a very relishing experience.  At times I was actually drifting into sleep.  My prior experiences kept me awake however.  I actually find myself asking why  hadn’t I come here before.”- Alma Hamilton, Kingston