Reading the pulpal floor

Surgical operating microscope allows a clinician to see in great detail the pulpal floor of a tooth. This in turn facilitates the location of the canals. There are subtle color changes between normal healthy dentin and pathologic reparative dentin. Understanding … Read more

Case Report 02/09/2010

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Case Report 01/09/2010

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Dens Invaginatus Type 3

Here is an interesting case that is classified as Dens Invaginatus Type 3. The chief characterstics of this anomaly is the enamel lined tract that connects the crown to the root and invaginates the apical or lateral aspect of the … Read more

Large Lesion Management

I would like to share with you the management of a large lesion without surgical intervention. Healthy 36 year old female presents with a large periapical lesion associated with tooth 9,10, 11 and a palatal swelling that drains time to … Read more

2 Separate Canals in Distal Root of Mandibular Molars.

Two separate canals in the distal root of a mandibular molar in my practice is more common than what is reported in the literature. Learning the micro anatomy of aberrant root forms, using the surgical operating microscope for the whole … Read more

Periapical Surgery – March 2008

Long term success for endodontic surgery is quoted to range from as low as 20+% to as high as over 90%. The weighted average of the success of endodontic surgery can said to be in the 70% range. However, if … Read more

Bilateral Occurence of Three Canal Mandibular Premolars

Case Report, Feb. 2008 – Sabala et al. in 1994 reported in the Journal of Endodontics (JOE) that abaerrations in the root canal anatomy are 60% of the time bilateral in occurance. They also mentioned that rarer the aberration, the … Read more

Three Canal Premolar Du Jour

The Jamaican population has a very high incidence of three canal maxillary premolars. In my practice, since 2001, I have treated over 40 cases with this anatomic aberration. Successful treatment of these teeth start with an accurate radiographic interpretation of … Read more

Long Term Intracanal Medicament

Newsletter March ’08 – The attached case illustrates how useful an long term application is of an intra canal medicament in treating persistent post treatment apical periodontitis in an endodontically well treated tooth. Patient received endodontic treatment by a very … Read more