Cases – January 2008

The key to endodontic success is thorough debridement and disinfection of the canal space, effective obturation of the canal systems and an immediate definitive coronal restoration that prevents leakage and loss of tooth structure. Studies have proven over and over … Read more

Advanced Endodontics Case Report 6: Trauma Case

History 10 yr old girl. Tooth 8 was fractured 3 weeks ago in a sporting event. Patient was seen by her GP a week after the injury, who restored 8. Case was referred to me for consult to evaluate 8 … Read more

Advanced Endodontics Newsletter 8

Quite a few colleagues ask me if I do all my treatments in one visit and if I do a case in multiple visits, what are the criteria for multiple appointments? While it’s true that a lot of cases that … Read more

Maxillary Molars

Here are the 4 maxillary molars that I treated in my practice today. 3 are second molars and 1 first molar. All teeth had 4 canals. 3 of the teeth had mb1 join mb2. One had 2 separate canals. All … Read more

Advanced Endodontics Case of the Day #4

Tooth 20 was referred for endodontic retreatment. Patient has increased discomfort chewing and also spontaneous pain. Dx: Acute apical periodontitis with atleast 2 root canals untreated. End of visit 1, all canals were cleaned and shaped to length. 2 buccal … Read more